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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (January 10, 2001) -- Tony Christopher, Landmark Entertainment Group President and CEO announced today the signing of a contract for design services for a world-class theme park in China. The park, a joint project with the Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD) in Ningbo, China, is to be built on 40 acres of land in Ningbo, on a site of over 100 developable acres. The total projected cost of the first phase of the new China Theme Park is over $100 million dollars.

"The Ningbo Theme Park project is Landmark's second successful partnership in China and represents one more opportunity to merge western theme park technology and concepts with the cultural influences and tastes of China," stated Christopher. "We are especially pleased with the fact that Ningbo is strategically located in the `Golden Triangle' between Shanghai and Hangzhou, offering us great opportunity for success."

"Working closely with Landmark Entertainment Group, the world's largest independent theme park design company, our intention is to make our new Three Castle Kingdom Theme Park the finest destination attraction in this area of China." stated Mr. Wang You Cheng, Secretary and Chief for the NETD Zone.

"We are pleased to be working with the NETD team on this new theme park, Three Castle Kingdom," stated Gary Goddard, Chairman of Landmark Entertainment Group.

"Our concept calls for not one castle, but three, each one representing an imaginative world and thematic setting. Bringing to life the worlds of fantasy, history and technology, each land offers unique rides and shows of the highest quality, and merges Chinese mythology with western technologies to create something completely new for Chinese families."

The Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone was created in 1984 and is one of the largest and earliest national development zones in China offering favored tax status to a wide variety of local and foreign companies. As one of the most active and promising trade zones in China, this port city has become a major center of investment for both foreign and domestic investors. Landmark's Three Castle Kingdom is the first phase in a master plan that calls for creating a true destination resort at this historical city south of Shanghai.

Landmark Entertainment Group, a privately held company since its inception in 1980, has been at the cutting edge of theme park and attraction design since its founding. In late 1996 Landmark became the first theme park design company to acquire a powerful international investor as its partner, HRH Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia. Landmark's recent successes include the creation of such hit attractions as "The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman" for Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Fla., Terminator 2/3-D for Universal Studios Florida, Caesars Magical Empire for Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and "Star Trek: The Experience" for Paramount Park and The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. For further information please visit