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Thirty Exotic Dip’em Sauces To Choose From; Hawaiian Pineapple
Is Tops, Followed By Sweet Mango Chutney and Chipotle Mayo

LONG BEACH, Calif., (October 28, 2004) --- Authentic Belgian Fries, featuring the twice-fried or “shock-fried” cooking method, allowing the naturally sweet flavor of the freshly peeled potato to burst forth while creating that “all-satisfying” crunchy outside, are now available at Big Dippers in The Pike at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach.

Big Dippers is one of only two Belgian Fry eateries in the United States exclusively serving shock-fried potatoes with exotic, homemade and traditional dipping sauces. The other is the world-famous Pommes Frites in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They both feature the authentic European recipe but use the Russet Burbank potato instead of its European cousin, the Bentji. These potatoes are perfect for baking, mashing and especially shock-frying.

“Belgian Fries are so delicious that we knew we wanted to open an eatery immediately after eating them and tasting the unique toppings served throughout Belgium and Holland,” says Anu and Micheal Fergoda, co-owners of Big Dippers. “The potato and cooking process is the key to the recipe. A method that few know about, especially the actual temperatures and cooking times that it takes to achieve the crispy, yet creamy, texture of the potato pieces. With each batch of fries we serve, we are challenged to meet the exact same Belgian style, which is very difficult when using the shock-fried cooking method with fresh potatoes instead of frozen.”

The Big Dippers process begins with the Russet Burbank potato. They are peeled in an automatic peeler (capable of peeling more than 35-pounds per minute), hand-cut in 1/4” to 1/2” thick pieces (much thicker than most American fries), soaked in water and drained. In the first of the two-step cooking process, the potatoes are immersed for several minutes in about 300-degree oil. Next comes the shock-fry, where the potatoes are plunged into ultra-hot oil for about a minute to create the legendary Belgian Fries texture and taste. Big Dippers does not use the traditional animal fat but instead uses a non-hydrogenated soybean oil.

They are immediately transferred to a spiral tosser, which is imported from Europe, where the fries are shaken, not stirred, and evenly salted with any excess oil falling through the holes in the tosser’s base.

The fries are then scooped into authentic Belgian paper cones and served with one of the 30 Exotic Dip’em Sauces, which fall into five types with Tangy, Spicy, Garlic, Sweet and Traditional European.

The Tangy Dip’em Sauces include Barbeque Sauce, Chunky Blue Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, Dill Lemon Mayo, Green Olive Mayo, Horseradish Mayo, Parmesan Ranch, Roasted Onion, Smoked Eggplant Mayo and Sundried Tomato Mayo. The Spicy Dip’em Sauces include Mexican Ketchup, Sambal Oelek, Sweet Chili and a house specialty “Z-sauce.” The Garlic Dip’em Sauces include Dijon Garlic Mustard, Pesto Mayo, Roasted Garlic Mayo and Rosemary Garlic Mayo. The Sweet Dip’em Sauces include Hawaiian Pineapple Mustard, Honey Dijon, Honey Mustard Mayo, 1000 Island, Peanut Satay, Southwestern Sauce, and Sweet Mango Chutney. And the Traditional European Dip’em Sauces include Dijon Mustard, Tarter Sauce, Picalilly (a curried Mustard), Fritesauce, the Especial (fritesauce, ketchup and fresh onion), and War Sauce (fritesauce, peanut satay and fresh onion).

Big Dippers come in three sizes including the three-quarter-pound Regular for $3.50, the one-and-a-half-pound Double for $5.50 and the two-and-a-half-pound Jumbo for $6.50. One sauce is included with each order. Additional sauces are 50 cents each or any three sauces for only $1.25.
And classic sodas reign supreme in traditional glass bottles featuring Dad’s Old-Fashioned Root Beer, Bubble Up, Nehi Grape Soda, Orange Crush, Cane Cola, Black Cherry, and diet Vanilla Creme soda; each for only $1.50.

Big Dippers, one of only two Belgian Fries eateries in the United States, exclusively serving shock-fried potatoes with exotic, homemade and traditional dipping sauces, is located in the Pike at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach at the end of Pine Avenue adjacent to the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Convention Center at 110 Bay Street. Ample parking is available in nearby parking structure; validation included with each purchase. For more information or directions, please call (562) 983-3813.