This Long Beach, California based agency was founded on the belief that exceptional client services and successful marketing communications campaigns are synonymous. Contrasted with most other agencies’ philosophy that “more clients are better,” Pier Communications focuses on the simple approach that select client representation is the key. While maintaining its goal of superior customer relations, the agency focuses on the primary elements of the product and services of each account. This philosophy is best represented in the acronym of its name:

Profile enhancement (product) and image awareness (corporate) are two critical areas of development by the agency. Knowing the importance of product positioning in the minds of target audiences, Pier Communications identifies the attributes and characteristics which sets the client’s product apart from its competitors, thus creating a foundation of strength in which to operate. Key audiences want to be associated with a winner and each campaign is positioned that way in the minds of its target publics.

Individual account attention is the cornerstone of the agency. With an extensive background in client services and strategic media outreach, Pier Communications has made a commitment to not overextend itself (too many accounts) thus losing focus of its primary goal - the client’s needs and objectives. With a broad range of experience in integrated marketing communications, the agency is able to provide “big agency” ideas while maintaining personal client relationships.

Education is essential in developing media, consumer and trade awareness for the client’s product or service. By developing a comprehensive understanding of the benefits derived from the use of the product or service, the likelihood of increased awareness is achieved. Identifying and capitalizing on the “What’s In It For Me” attributes is the crux of every campaign. Educating the target audiences of an individual or corporation is one of the fundamental approaches undertaken on the client’s behalf.

Revenue generating initiatives are identified, developed and implemented to secure the success of every client. Increased profitability and long-term stability means success for the client and Pier Communications. While never losing sight of profit margins, the agency manages every account with efficiency and within the budget parameters for both project and monthly retainer programs.

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